Who is behind Area 27?

      Area 27 was founded in 2013 by Trevor Seibert, Jacques Villeneuve, Bill Drossos, and David King. Founding members include Les Cool, Daryl Carter, Gord Lindsay, Robert Sinneave, Robbie Dickson, Paul Neider and Brett Knelson.

When will the track open?

     Opened as of September 14, 2016.

How long will the track be?

     The track length is 4.83km, 3 miles. Which makes it the first and only track over 2 miles to be constructed west of Ontario.

You mentioned the track as Phase 1. What are the other phases?

     As mentioned, Phase 1 is comprised of the track, a driving academy, karting centre, access roads, fencing and necessary infrastructure. Phase 2 includes construction of commercial buildings like on-site vehicle service, members clubhouse, on-site vehicle storage, and the karting center building. Phase 3 planning involves future condominium-style arrive and drive suites. Phase 4 will be for additional event related infrastructure such as grand stands, pit garages, and timing, and scoring/media tower type buildings.

Will the track have multiple configurations?

     The track features both a long and short track configuration, and is designed to run counter clockwise.

Is Area 27 able to host organized motorsport events?

     Yes, the track will be constructed to modern safety standards. Our goal is to host vintage racing, sports cars, motorcycle racing, grassroots motorsports, and car shows.

What is the benefit to the members of Area 27 in hosting events?

     Racing events will serve to “rubber in” the track, improving longevity and performance of the racing surface.  Additional revenue from special events can be used for new infrastructure and to keep annual dues low for members.

How often do members get to drive on the track?

     Initially there will be up to 25 member days per month with a minimum of 15 days per month, evenly split between advanced and intermediate drivers with instructors. As more drivers graduate to the advanced level, we will include more designated advanced days.

What is required for an Area 27 advanced level driver certification?

     Advanced level is for drivers who have previously held or are qualified for either a vintage or regional racing license.

Can drivers achieve advanced certification at Area 27?

     Yes, Area 27 driver coaches are available to instruct enthusiasts looking to improve driving skills.

What if I only have a (regular) drivers' license?

     Members with only a drivers license are classified as novice drivers; after completing a 2 day course at Academy 27, they are classified as intermediate. For most drivers, an additional 2 days of coaching on the full circuit is all that is required to achieved advanced level certification.

Will members be able to use race or non-street legal vehicles at Area 27?

     Yes, there will be designated times for various types of vehicles; however, all vehicles are required to meet or register lower than a predetermined sound output maximum level.

Will motorcycles be allowed at Area 27?

     The circuit is designed to consider elements for both cars and motorcycles. A key factor is the design of curbing, including apex and exit. Riders need to meet similar eligibility requirements as drivers (approved motorcycle racing schools) and will have separate designated sessions.

How do I become a member of Area 27?

     Click on the membership tab, and read the membership overview section to decide which type of membership is desired, print and fill-out the membership application.

Does membership include any family members?

    Yes, membership includes your spouse and dependents (up to and including the age of 27). Family members between the age of 28 and 35 may be added for an additional charge to the initiation fee.

Can members bring guests to Area 27?

     Yes*, members can bring up to 15 guests per month to Area 27. All guests are eligible to enrol at the driving academy, and providing all driver eligibility requirements are met up to 3 guests may drive per calendar year.

*Individual guests may drive only once per calendar year on the full circuit and must pay the daily use fee.

Can car clubs rent the track for a day?

     Subject to member approval, please contact bdrossos@area27.ca for more information.

Can I sell my membership in the future?

     Yes - providing your membership has been in good standing for at least 5 years, you may sell your membership.  The transfer of membership is subject to an administration fee and SOMC management approval.

What is the target membership for Area 27?

     The Area 27 Motorsport Society is limited to 300 individual memberships, and 10 corporate memberships.

Why locate Area 27 in the South Okanagan?

     The South Okanagan is the warmest and driest climate found anywhere in Canada, and has become the premier resort destination area in the country. Members can enjoy a multitude of activities in the area and can count on a long, dry season to enjoy the track.