The Area 27 Karting Centre

Canadian Karting
Top Gear Karting

The Karting Centre at Area27 (operated by Top Gear Karting) will be a full service “Arrive & Drive”  karting facility with something for everyone from the curious first time karter to the expert racer.

The Karting Centre at Area27 will feature several kart types ranging from junior karts to 100+mph shifter karts, all fully prepped and ready to race.   Our state of the art racetrack has been designed specifically for kart racing by 1997 Formula 1 World Champion Jacques Villeneuve.  The track will feature multiple configurations allowing racers to experience several different racetracks in one spectacular location.  Jacques has ensured that every configuration of our the track will offer thrills and technical challenges that will remain both exhilarating to drive and a serious challenge to master lap after lap!

Our programs will include:

Our “Arrive & Drive” kart racing program will appeal to those who simply wish to drop-in and experience the performance of real racing machinery or challenge their friends on our thrilling racetrack.  You bring the “need for speed’, we provide everything else.

League Racing is perfect for those who wish to take it one step further and try motorsports competition without the need to purchase the karts or equipment required.

The Karting Academy will offer a comprehensive array of clinics, courses and kids camps for racers of all ages who wish to hone their skills and improve their understanding of the track, machinery and of course, the art of driving.

Our full service Kart Shop will have everything required by those who find themselves infected by the “need for speed”.  If you are ready to purchase equipment of your own and go racing around the region and beyond we have the equipment, experience and expertise to get you into the winners circle.

Whether you prefer to drop-in and race your friends or you are ready to pursue your passion for speed and serious motorsports competition, The Karting Centre at Area27 will exceed your expectations.