An Enthusiast's Dream

Area 27, Motorsport Society

Endless asphalt curves along the contours of a desert landscape, resting high above the valley below and acres of lush vineyards. Days of sunshine, more than anywhere in Canada, beckon you to stay a little longer and do just one more lap.

Imagine a track designed with intention, taking advantage of natural elevation changes and offering 16 corners to tempt, test, and challenge.

A track like no other, with the flow of classic Grand Prix circuits and benefits of modern technology.

Five kilometers of adrenaline and discipline. Built on a tradition of excellence, Area 27 is created as the ultimate driving playgound.

Follow in the tracks of pros: enter a corner, nail the apex and get on the throttle. From your first time on the circuit to your hundredth, there's a place for drivers of all levels to improve skills and discover their own legend.

Area 27, Realize your dream.

Membership Sales

BC Sales

BC Membership Sales for Area 27

Adrienne Friesen
British Columbia Membership Sales
Tel: (250) 300-4996

AB Sales

BC Membership Sales for Area 27

Angie Redpath
Alberta Membership Sales
Tel: (403) 234-9553 Calgary area
Tel: (780) 870-4888 Edmonton area

Regular membership details - Less than 20 memberships available!

  • One time joining fee of $45,000
  • Yearly membership dues; Phase 1 $3,000 Phase 2 with clubhouse $4,000
  • 15 or more full circuit track days per month, with at least two weekends per month
  • Membership includes immediate family including members between the ages 16 to 27
  • Karting membership available for all family members age 8 and up
  • After a period of five (5) years membership becomes transferable subject to SOMC management approval and a $1,000 administration fee
  • Regular members can bring up to 15 guests per month, 3 guests per Regular Membership may drive 1 time per year, providing all driver eligibility requirements are met.
  • Guests who will be driving on the track will pay a daily use fee of $100
  1. download the application form

    Download application
  2. print and complete the application

  3. submit the application by courier